High yield new variety of groundnut

TCGS 1694 Properties 
with the same characteristics at the same height with the same size with genetic purity.
Ideal to taste with attractive color (similar to k-6 seeds),
trader in the market can buy cheerfully and enthusiastically.
A new variety of groundnut suitable for rainfed ..
This new type of groundnut has an oil percentage of 50%.
 Fresh Groundnut bend with healthy growth with short side leaves with more side branches.
yielding groundnut variety with recommended seed dose.
Groundnuts have immunity that reduces the spread of Fungus, pests and viruses by almost 90%.
Groundnut variety, which is more profitable with less investment.
In 105 to 110 days in Kharif, the yield per hectare in Kharif is -33 to35 quintals and in Rabi it is -42 to 45 quintals.